Sound and Spirit - About Us - Natick, MA
Sound and Spirit - @ tcan

Our History

Sound & Spirit was created In 2011 by a group of Natick residents who were seeking to perform in a multi-generational choir. It was through this dedicated group that Sound & Spirit was created. With support from TCAN, Sound & Spirit found a home. With hopes of 30 members or so arriving for the first season, Sound & Spirit was pleasantly surprised to begin its inaugural season with 50 members. It has grown each season, currently with a membership of over 120 performers and a number of dedicated non-performers.

Our Leaders

The 2017-2018 Board of Directors:

  • President:  Karen Krueger
  • Vice President: Cheri Clark   
  • Treasurer, Membership:  Joanmarie Goodwin
  • Secretary:  Janice Krueger
  • Artistic Director:  Kate Leavey
  • Communications:  Sharon Durgin
  • Music Librarian:  Linda Williams
  • Development:  Mirela Gulati

The 2017-2018 Artistic Staff:

  • Artistic Director:  Kate Leavey
  • Assistant Director:  Cathi Ianno
  • Accompanist:  Tori Mariconti
  • Choreographer: Claire Mackay
  • Production Manager: Margaret Umbsen