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Sound & Spirit is proud to support local organizations who are making a difference in our community by linking our art to activism.

Ben Speaks
"That's Entertainment" highlights the work of a local organization Ben Speaks. Following the loss of her son Ben to suicide, Judy Giovangelo started Ben Speaks Louder Than Words to empower youth in our school systems and communities to be the change they want to see in the world.  Ben Speaks works to discover and provide access to expressive and healing arts resources for youth, families and communities. These resources are tools to increase self esteem and emotional resiliency of all youth and their families, shift the collective mindset from competition to collaboration, and to teach youth to grow from the inside out and to take 100% responsibility for themselves, set goals and make healthy decisions. Ben Speaks offers lectures for schools and community groups and weekend retreats for at-risk teens.  

Natick Service Council
"For Seasons" celebrated the good works of the Natick Service Council -  an independent, non-profit organization that connects, engages and collaborates with the community to support Natick neighbors who are experiencing hardship or economic uncertainty by promoting self-sufficiency. NSC provides a broad range of human and social services programs to our clients, including: food security, emergency financial assistance, career development, holiday meals and access to the arts. 

Natick Together for Youth
"An American Journey" celebrates Natick Together for Youth (NTY) - a coalition of caring community members that work together to reduce and prevent youth substance use by reducing risk factors and strengthening resiliency among Natick’s youth. NTY envisions a community in which strengthened substance abuse prevention and treatment efforts lead to improved health and safety among our town’s residents. May 17th kicks off National Prevention Week, an annual health observance dedicated to increasing public awareness of substance abuse and mental health issues. This national observance, celebrated each year by NTY and sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, brings individuals, coalitions, organizations, states and communities together through local events to educate the pubic about the importance of preventing substance abuse and 
mental health disorders before they occur. 

For more information, please contact NTY Executive Director, Katie Sugarman.

Embrace A Family
Our January 18, 2015 "Villains" performance highlighted the good works of another Natick-based nonprofit, Embrace A Family. Embrace A Family is a volunteer-based program of the Natick Rotary Club that is dedicated to easing the financial and emotional strain on Natick families struggling with the biggest villain of all, cancer. Audience members were able to meet the amazing women behind this program and learn how easy it is to get involved and make a difference.

Big Heart, Little Feet
Our "Songs for the Earth" performance in June 2014 celebrated our cherished “pale blue dot,” our beautiful earth and one of its great champions, longtime Natick resident Pat Conaway, creator of the Big Heart, Little Feet organization. In recent years Pat has organized neighbors, youth groups, and volunteers to clean-up some of the local waterways and trails in over 50 clean-ups. More recently he has established a Trail Work Monday and Wednesdays morning initiative to recruit volunteers to help clean up trails and connect them to the waterways and larger watershed.