Sound and Spirit - Membership - Natick, MA
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  • Membership dues are expected within the first month of rehearsals per semester. Alternative payment arrangements can be made with the Membership Chair, if necessary.

  •  It is the sincere desire of the Board of Directors that all interested members have the opportunity to join Sound & Spirit.  Therefore, financial assistance is available. Please speak to the Membership Chair at the start of the semester.

  • Dues are expected to be paid regardless of when a member joins during the season, there is no pro-ration of dues. Dues are non-refundable.
  • Cash and checks will be accepted by the Membership Chair before or at Sound & Spirit’s first rehearsal.  Credit card payments may be made through the on-line registration site

  • Members are required to complete a Registration Form at the beginning of each semester to provide contact information.  Please inform the Communications Chair if any of your contact information changes during the semester.

  • The Sound & Spirit board will communicate with members regularly by email, our facebook page, and through announcements at rehearsals. Phone calls or handouts will be available for those without email – please notify a member of the Board of Directors if this is required.

  • Current members of Sound & Spirit may contact our Social Committee for social event ideas, or for special recognition for other members like birthdays, thinking of you or get well cards.

You can download a copy of our Member Handbook here.