About Sound & Spirit

Our Mission

    Sound & Spirit is a nonprofit, intergenerational choir, welcoming both aspiring and accomplished musicians of all ages. Serving the Metrowest community, the choir presents a wide variety of musical styles, creating joyful performances.

Our Artistic and Educational Goals
  • CREATE high quality performances that inspire the audience and performers        

  • EXPLORE music from a variety of genres

  • PROVIDE opportunities for each member to grow artistically and also personally

  • BUILD a cohesive ensemble

  • ENJOY the musical benefits of a multi-generational group

    We are comprised of four ensembles: Kids, Teens, Adults and Advanced Readers Choir. The choirs rehearse independently each week and perform both separately and together at our performances. This year's Advanced Reader ensemble is for our members who are looking for more challenging opportunities to grow within the choir. 

How It All Began

    In 2011, a group of enthusiastic folks were seeking to perform in an intergenerational choir. With dedication, creativity and a whole lot of fun, Sound & Spirit was born. Continuing to grow with each season, we have an age range from 8 to 80 plus. Nearly sold out at each show, we seek to perform twice a year, once in the winter and again in the spring. We're welcoming to all musicians, regardless of experience. No audition required! A truly magical group for all involved!

Our Leaders

2023-2024 Artistic Staff
   Creative Director:  Kate Leavey
   Associate Director:  Cathi Ianno
   Choreographer: Claire Mackay
   Collaborative Pianist:  Andrew Larson
2023-2024 Board of Directors
    President: Amy Bruns

    Vice President: Sheryl Stockless

    Treasurer: Kevin Leavey

Ted Sullivan

    Development Chair:  Kimberly Yaari

    Concert Manager: Cheri Brand

Beth Barach

    Webmaster: Henry Pollock

Member-at-Large: Lilia Weisfeldt

    Creative Director: Kate Leavey

    Associate Director: Cathi Ianno

    Assistants to the Director: Janice Krueger, Linda Williams


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